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Please leave this field empty. – The West Pier, Dun Laoghaire Co. Dublin, Ireland

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Our Location & Directions

Directions from Dun Laoghaire DART Station and Town. (15 minutes walk)

Exiting the Dun Laoghaire DART Station, turn left and left again heading for the sea. With the DART station now behind you, start walking to the left, away form the town. Keep the Ferry Terminal on your right hand side (RHS) and the train tracks on your left side, continue straight. After you pass Irish Lights on your RHS, walk up a slight incline until you reach a crossroads. Cross straight through this intersection continuing to keep the train tracks on your left and the sea on your right. You will now come to a narrow road. Follow this road, passing the beginning of the west pier, but walking under the footbridge and follow the road as it bends to the right until you reach our yard (RHS). Do not walk onto the west pier as we are based behind the pier in the third yard on the right hand side.

Directions from Salthill DART Station. (5 minutes walk )

Exit the DART Station and turn to your left. Walk up and over the pedestrian footbridge towards the sea. Once standing at the seawall, walk right and through the car park. Do not walk along the train tracks left or right. Walk diagonally through the car park, keeping the grassy verge and picnic tables on your left and the pointed roof buildings of the water purification buildings on your right. Walk under the height restriction barrier and we are based at the back of the first yard on your left.

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